Cans Κουτιά pet & αλουμινίου για σφράγιση και εμφιάλωση και μεταφορά ποτών, καφέ και άλλων κατάλληλων προϊόντων.

Ideal for sealing both hot and cold beverages such as coffee, cold brew coffee, nitro coffee, juices, fruit juices, and tea.

An ideal solution for a variety of businesses takeaway & delivery services, including coffee shops, cafestores, beach bar, cocktail bar, juices shops,hotels, bakeries, pastry shops, and any location offering beverages.

  • Beverages are transported with 100% safety.
  • Easy and familiar to use.
  • Lower paper cost (business plan)

ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015

*PET containers are manufactured in Greece and are Certified
with ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015 for their manufacturing process.

Option to choose sealing with a lid for full open or classic opening

Καπάκι σφράγισης κουτιού αλουμινίου η pet

  • 100% fully recyclable packaging
  • Variety in packaging sizes
  • Option to choose sealing with a lid for full open or classic opening
  • Custom design branded packaging with your business's logo and artwork.
  • No minimum quantity of packaging required.


*Aluminum recycling has significant benefits for the environment, society, the country, and consumers. Aluminum is an ideal material for recycling because it can be easily separated from other materials, and its sorting does not require high costs. Moreover, recycling aluminum is a process that can be repeated without degrading its properties.

Icup system of packaging is not intended for the storage and preservation of the product; it is solely for the transportation and immediate consumption of the product

The icup system replaces single-use paper and plastic cups with sealed pet or aluminum cups.